The Big Broadcast of 1936


General information

Sample : No

Studio : Paramount

Director : Norman Taurog

Release date (New York) : 1935


Order Title Starting time code Ending time code Length Performers
1 Opening Credits/Cast Introduction image du number 0h0m0s 0h2m6s 2m6s
2 Miss Brown To You image du number 0h4m20s 0h7m20s 3m0s Bill Robinson, Fayard Nicholas, Harold Nicholas, Ray Noble and Orchestra
3 Why Dream image du number 0h24m7s 0h25m56s 1m49s Henry Wadsworth
4 Why Dream (2) image du number 0h26m24s 0h26m42s 0m18s Henry Wadsworth
5 I Wished on the Moon image du number 0h33m26s 0h37m25s 3m59s Bing Crosby
6 Why Dream (3) image du number 0h41m25s 0h42m48s 1m23s Harold Nicholas
7 Mariachi Parade image du number 0h47m35s 0h48m8s 0m33s
8 Double Trouble image du number 0h48m42s 0h50m22s 1m40s Jack Oakie, Lyda Roberti, Henry Wadsworth
9 Ina Ray Hutton and Her Melodears image du number 1h14m16s 1h15m33s 1m17s Ina Ray Hutton
10 Vienna Boys Choir image du number 1h17m34s 1h19m14s 1m40s Vienna Boys Choir
11 It's the Animal in Me image du number 1h20m14s 1h23m5s 2m51s Ethel Merman
12 Why Stars Come Out at Night image du number 1h23m13s 1h26m36s 3m23s Jack Oakie, Ray Noble and Orchestra, Lyda Roberti

Numbers' distribution


24 min

Running time for all numbers

97 min

Movie running time

1439 sec

Running time for all numbers

5820 sec

Movie running time


Ratio number/total length

120 sec

Average running time for the numbers in The Big Broadcast of 1936

149 sec

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