Broadway Melody of 1938


General information

Sample : Yes

Studio : MGM

Release date (New York) : 1937


Order Title Starting time code Ending time code Length Performers
1 Opening credits image du number 0h0m3s 0h1m48s 1m45s
2 Toreador song image du number 0h1m49s 0h4m6s 2m17s Charles I. Gorin
3 Follow in My Footsteps image du number 0h16m31s 0h21m32s 5m1s George Murphy, Eleanor Powell, Buddy Ebsen
4 Yours and Mine image du number 0h25m54s 0h27m44s 1m50s Eleanor Powell, Robert Taylor
5 Everybody Sing image du number 0h32m37s 0h37m9s 4m32s Judy Garland, Sophie Tucker, Barnett Parker
6 Some of These Days image du number 0h52m27s 0h53m35s 1m8s Sophie Tucker
7 I'm Feelin' Like a Million image du number 1h0m31s 1h6m4s 5m33s George Murphy, Eleanor Powell
8 Largo al factotum image du number 1h10m37s 1h11m43s 1m6s Billy Gilbert, Charles I. Gorin
9 You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It) image du number 1h14m37s 1h18m34s 3m57s Judy Garland

Numbers' distribution


27 min

Running time for all numbers

110 min

Movie running time

1629 sec

Running time for all numbers

6600 sec

Movie running time


Ratio number/total length

181 sec

Average running time for the numbers in Broadway Melody of 1938

149 sec

Average running time for the numbers for all the movies


Color Cast
All Black cast
All White cast
All Latin cast
Mixed Race cast
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PCA verdict on the first submitted script Censored content States where the film was censored
acceptable narrative-major problem Belgium, France, Germany
Legion of Decency Protestant Motion Picture Council Harrison's Report Film Estimate Board of National Organizations
A1 empty empty empty