Down To Earth


General information

Sample : Yes

Studio : Columbia

Director : Alexander Hall

Release date (New York) : 1947


Order Title Starting time code Ending time code Length Performers
1 Opening Credits image du number 0h0m2s 0h1m11s 1m9s
2 Kiss of the Muse image du number 0h3m30s 0h6m31s 3m1s Marc Platt, Adele Jergens
3 Terpsichore upstages Terpsichore (title ?) image du number 0h18m54s 0h20m40s 1m46s Rita Hayworth, Adele Jergens
4 Let's Stay Young Forever image du number 0h22m12s 0h24m7s 1m55s Rita Hayworth
5 They Can't Convince Me image du number 0h30m42s 0h33m2s 2m20s Rita Hayworth, Larry Parks
6 This Can't Be Legal image du number 0h41m52s 0h47m36s 5m44s Rita Hayworth, Marc Platt, Larry Parks
7 Greek Ballet image du number 0h54m53s 0h59m9s 4m16s Rita Hayworth, Marc Platt
8 2nd Show (with Swing Greek Ballet) image du number 1h18m12s 1h19m50s 1m38s Rita Hayworth, Marc Platt, Larry Parks
9 The Muses Come to Earth image du number 1h20m16s 1h25m48s 5m32s Rita Hayworth, Marc Platt, Larry Parks
10 Ending image du number 1h40m25s 1h40m49s 0m24s Rita Hayworth

Numbers' distribution


28 min

Running time for all numbers

101 min

Movie running time

1665 sec

Running time for all numbers

6060 sec

Movie running time


Ratio number/total length

167 sec

Average running time for the numbers in Down To Earth

149 sec

Average running time for the numbers for all the movies


Color Cast
All Black cast
All White cast
All Latin cast
Mixed Race cast
Mixed Race Extras

Graphe/ Timeline


Adaptation Shows Remake
no No


PCA verdict on the first submitted script Censored content States where the film was censored
basically acceptable with minor changes costumes-specific, lyrics, dance, forbidden song no censorship
Legion of Decency Protestant Motion Picture Council Harrison's Report Film Estimate Board of National Organizations
B empty empty empty