Little Miss Broadway


General information

Sample : No

Studio : 20th Century-Fox

Release date (New York) : 1938


Order Title Starting time code Ending time code Length Performers
1 Opening credits (Little Miss Broadway) image du number 0h0m13s 0h1m6s 0m53s
2 Be Optimistic image du number 0h1m7s 0h2m23s 1m16s Shirley Temple
3 How Can I Thank You? image du number 0h12m33s 0h13m32s 0m59s Shirley Temple
4 We Should Be Together image du number 0h18m16s 0h20m44s 2m28s Shirley Temple, George Murphy
5 If All The World Were Paper image du number 0h26m2s 0h26m59s 0m57s Shirley Temple
6 How Can I Thank You? 2 image du number 0h45m42s 0h46m36s 0m54s Shirley Temple
7 Be Optimistic 2 image du number 0h52m1s 0h52m41s 0m40s Shirley Temple
8 Thank You For The Use Of The Hall image du number 1h2m16s 1h3m13s 0m57s Shirley Temple
9 I'll Take The High Road And You'll Take The Low Road image du number 1h3m29s 1h3m54s 0m25s Donald Meek, George Barbier
10 Swing Me an Old-Fashioned Song image du number 1h4m4s 1h6m45s 2m41s Shirley Temple, Donald Meek, George Barbier
11 Little Miss Broadway image du number 1h7m5s 1h10m22s 3m17s Shirley Temple, George Murphy

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15 min

Running time for all numbers

72 min

Movie running time

927 sec

Running time for all numbers

4320 sec

Movie running time


Ratio number/total length

84 sec

Average running time for the numbers in Little Miss Broadway

149 sec

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