If I Had My Way


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Sample : No

Release date (New York) : 1940


Order Title Starting time code Ending time code Length Performers
1 Opening Credits image du number 0h0m15s 0h1m29s 1m14s
2 Meet the Sun Halfway (1) image du number 0h7m4s 0h11m18s 4m14s Bing Crosby, Gloria Jean
3 Doodle Dum Day image du number 0h11m43s 0h13m1s 1m18s
4 I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire image du number 0h26m23s 0h29m10s 2m47s Bing Crosby, El Brendel, Gloria Jean
5 Little Grey Home in the West image du number 0h36m1s 0h38m6s 2m5s Gloria Jean
6 The Pessimistic Character (With the Crab Apple Face) image du number 0h44m10s 0h46m18s 2m8s Charles Harris, Bing Crosby, El Brendel, Charles Winninger, Gloria Jean, Nana Bryant
7 If I Had My Way image du number 0h50m50s 0h52m24s 1m34s Bing Crosby
8 Latin Dance Lesson image du number 1h6m8s 1h7m16s 1m8s
9 Conga Line image du number 1h12m28s 1h12m58s 0m30s Bing Crosby, El Brendel
10 Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider image du number 1h17m30s 1h20m25s 2m55s Six Hits and a Miss, Eddie Leonard
11 Unicycle Act image du number 1h20m44s 1h21m37s 0m53s
12 I've Got Rings On My Fingers image du number 1h23m31s 1h24m33s 1m2s Six Hits and a Miss, Blanche Ring
13 April Played the Fiddle image du number 1h25m12s 1h27m41s 2m29s Bing Crosby, Six Hits and a Miss
14 Meet the Sun Halfway (2) image du number 1h32m4s 1h33m9s 1m5s Bing Crosby, Gloria Jean

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25 min

Running time for all numbers

82 min

Movie running time

1522 sec

Running time for all numbers

4920 sec

Movie running time


Ratio number/total length

109 sec

Average running time for the numbers in If I Had My Way

149 sec

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