"Rhapsody in Blue"

[Rhapsody in Blue (1945)]


Structure Shots Average shot length Performance Performers Cast Stars who don't participate
other 11 17.45 seconds instrumental Oscar Levant , Paul Whiteman Joan Leslie , Charles Coburn , Herbert Rudley


Source Stage number Source details Quotation References
borrowed from the musical repertoire Gershwin's concert piece Rhapsody in Blue (1924) as himself / herself 1) Levant and Whiteman both portray themselves. 2) history -- referencing the memorial concert following Gershwin's death. However, Levant played the Concerto in F at the memorial concert in Los Angeles conducted by Otto Klemperer. Harry Kaufman played the Concerto in F and the Rhapsody in Blue at the 1937 memorial concert at Lewisohn Stadium, conducted by Alexander Smallens. Nevertheless, Levant did play the Rhapsody at Lewisohn several times at subsequent Gershwin memorial concerts.